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We're proud of our attention to detail and we're confident in our goal of bringing you the best wheels available for their price on the market today.


Our wheels are manufactured in Germany, using the best possible materials and manufactured using market-leading technology to give you the very fastest wheelsets we can build.  Take a look through some of the technology used in our wheelsets below and see why we're so confident you won't find better anywhere! 


We want you to be safe and confident on the road when pushing our wheels to their limits.  But we also want you to have the best ride quality, the lightest wheels and above all; the fastest possible wheels that cut through the wind.

With this in mind we've developed a whole range of new wheels for 2019, the Gold Label range.

Using new Filament Wound Carbon technology, we're able to create stronger, stiffer rims while also effecting a big reduction in weight.  For instance, this technology allows our FC58 road wheelset to weigh in at under 1500g!  For a 58mm by 18mm internal wheelset, that's ultra lightweight!

It's all possible because unlike traditional carbon wheels that are made from sheets of Pre-Preg carbon, Filament Wound Carbon has no wastage.  Using this technology means we can put the carbon only where it's needed and use every gram of weight to create strength and speed.

With Carbon rims, it’s also extremely important to ensure you have a wheel which can resist the extreme heat of continuous braking.  All Carbon wheels are made with an epoxy resin which bonds the carbon together and generates the hard, stiff, durable rim we all know.

However, all resins have a Glass Transition Temperature (known as Tg) which is the point at which the polymers transition from being hard and glassy, to being soft and malleable.  If you reach this temperature in use, it can be very dangerous; often resulting in a weakening of the sidewalls/bead hooks, causing wheel collapse.

High Tg resins are only half the story.  Typically, the rubber in tyres and inner tubes can only withstand ~150 Celsius before losing their elasticity, so having rims that are capable of withstanding this temperature may not stop you from developing problems.

To combat these issues, we ensure that our rims have a high Tg value, while also developing brake track technology and brake pads to reduce the initial heat generated under continuous braking.


Wheel Aerodynamics Total Tuning system

The “aero” shape of your rim is only half the story when it comes to how fast your wheels are.  Most people are taught to look at the shape of the rim as the big factor for wheel performance.  However, the rim is never used on a bike alone.  It’s attached to a tyre, spokes, hub, forks, bike and rider.  Additionally, the trailing edge of a rim becomes the leading edge on the other side of the wheel.

To fully understand how aerodynamics affects wheel performance, you have to look at all factors, not just rim shape in isolation. 

We developed the W.A.T.T.S system to represent our holistic approach to wheel speed.  By looking at the whole wheel; Tyre, Rim, Spokes, Hub and Skewer we are able to consider the effect of each on aerodynamics and select each component to build the fastest possible wheelsets. 

With our wheels we are looking to create an aero shape that works for both leading and trailing edges.  All our clincher wheelsets ship with 25mm tyres.  This not only increases comfort, but it creates a slightly wider leading edge, allowing air to pass cleanly over the tyre/rim transition and carry on undisturbed over the smooth rim surface.  We blunt the trailing edge to allow the air to pass cleanly off and across the wheel. 

We aim to minimise disruption to this clean air flow by using market-leading bladed spokes.  A small, wide hub with no unnecessary reinforcements or holes to disrupt air finishes the build.  

When you combine all these aero factors with parts and materials designed to save weight, you have wheelsets that are designed to perform at the highest speeds, no matter what the road throws at you.

Aero Spokes

We use Sapim aero spokes in all of our builds from 2019 season onwards.  Not only is Sapim the world's leading spoke manufacturer; their top of the range spokes are strong and super-light and offer excellent aero properties with their flat Aerodynamic profile.

The CX-range black coated spokes provide a compliant ride, with extreme performance, perfectly suited to our wheels.

We couple the spokes with Sapim nipples to ensure the strongest build which will stay solid and true. Using the best nipples in conjunction with the best Aero spokes further minimises the Aerodynamic drag of the wheels and offers you more speed.


Wide rim profile

Our 2019 Gold Label wheelsets offer at least 18mm internal measurement.  This allows a narrower tyre to present a better profile to the wind, thereby creating a smoother airflow across the wheel-tyre interface and reducing drag.  Alternatively, they can be used with wider tyres to improve air volume and increase comfort.

By allowing the tyre more room to expand rather than pinching it into a traditional lightbulb shape, you allow for more air volume, more comfort and less chance of pinch-flats.

If the benefits to Aero, drag and comfort weren’t enough, a wider tyre is proven to have a lower rolling resistance at the same pressure than a narrow tyre.  A wider tyre presents a short, wide contact patch vs the narrow tyre’s long and narrow contact patch.  Therefore, although you'd expect the opposite, the wider tyre benefits from reduced rolling resistance.

Lab results have shown that if a 19mm Tubular and a 25mm Tubular were run at 9 bar pressure on a 40km time trial, the 25mm tyre would win by 50 seconds, just due to the reduction in rolling resistance.

We ship all our wheels with 25mm Tyres as standard because we believe this is the best all round fit for our wheels.  If you’re intending to mount wider Tyres after purchase, please check frame and fork clearances.


Enhanced Braking Surface


Braking from the highest speeds associated with Carbon rims is extremely important, so why risk anything but the best. 

We've developed a brake compound for our wheels that offers the best grip, with the least fade possible so you can ensure that when you reach for the lever, you can stop quickly and safely.

All rim braking wheelsets come packaged with a set of our pads and additional pads are available separately.

Centre lock

All our disc-equipped wheelsets use the centre lock mounting system.

By using the Centrelock system it ensures full compatibility and future-proofing of your purchase.  Centre lock can be adapted to a 6-bolt configuration easily, whereas 6 bolt cannot be adapted to Centre lock.

For your convenience we also sell DT Swiss 6 bolt adapters to go with our wheels.  This allows you to mount a 6 bolt disc to a Centrelock hub.  See the Spares/Consumables page for more information.

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