FC35 WATTS Gold Label Disc


All new for 2019 is the FC35 WATTS Gold Label Disc.


Using our new filament wound carbon technology we're able to reduce the wastage from using prepreg sheet carbon and make our new rims super light without comprimising their strength or stability.  Coupled with the market-leading Sapim spokes and our all-new Ultra hubs, we think the #GoldLabel are the best wheelsets you can buy for the money anywhere!


At only 1270g these wheels set new standards in weight and their uncomprimised stiffness means all your power is transferred to the road; no WATT is wasted.  That makes the Helium wheels perfect for high mountain stages, criterium racing or any other event where agility and weight are paramount.


Designed in Britain, manufactured in Germany.

Decal Colour:
Tyre Package:
Type: Clincher
Tyre Technology: Tubeless Ready
Brakes: Disc - Centrelock
Rim Depth: 35mm
Width: 18/24.2mm
Rim Material: Filament Wound Carbon
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
Sapim CX-Sprint
Nipples: Sapim External
Spokes Config Front: 21 - 3 Cross/Rad 2:1
Spokes Config Rear: 21 - Rad/3 Cross 1:2
Hub: ULTRA D100/D200



Set Weight: 1270g +/-5%
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